About us

UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” is the only company in the Baltic region that manufactures acetate yarn. Acetate is a synthetic fibre obtained from a natural polymer, i.e. wood cellulose. Cellulose acetate yarn is endowed with exceptionally natural shine, soft drape, excellent anti-static properties; it is pleasant and soft to touch like natural silk. And that is exactly how acetate is called in modern textiles. Acetate production started over 80 years ago. The manufacture of acetate yarn in Lithuania commenced in 1965.

 Acetate is a synthetic fibre obtained from a natural polymer, i.e. wood cellulose.  Cellulose acetate yarn and products made from it are characteristic of natural lustre, good drape, ability to hold shape, low wear, excellent anti-static properties; they are breathable, pleasant and soft to touch like natural silk.

 Products manufactured by UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” comprise an ever so wide range of acetate and mixed filament yarn with widely ranging parameters:

linear density: between 44 dtex and 330 dtex,

number of intermingled knots: between 10 knots/m and 40 knots/m,

twist: between 80 tpm and 2200 tpm,

weight and tube: 1.5 kg to 6 kg reels on a variety of tubes.

 Products by UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas”:

  • 100% high shine and matt acetate yarn
  • A variety of mixed filament yarn
  • Acetate polyamide yarn ACEMIX ®.
  • Acetate polyester yarn DACPEMIX ®.
  • Acetate dope dyed yarn, a wide range of colours, including black. Intense and impact-resilient colours (in line with LST EN ISO 105).
  • Special acetate yarn MIKACET ® with antimicrobial properties.

Customers across many countries worldwide have already had a chance to verify the high quality of these products. Acetate yarn has been Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified which confirms that the manufactured products are not harmful to humans and the environment.

Acetate yarn is characteristic of easy performance in basic textile equipment; it is easily compatible and can be used with other fibres. This endows the acetate yarn with many options for application and use. 

UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” continues the traditions of Lithuanian acetate production. Our brand is renowned as a trademark of high-quality product in Europe and other markets across the world. Today UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” is proud to be able to present a team of qualified professionals, knowledge and experience passed from one generation to another, the ability to listen to customer needs and, most importantly, a wide range of high-quality acetate yarn. Advanced technical solutions, knowledge and experience gained and continuing since the outset of acetate production in Lithuania, prepared staff and administrative skills help fulfil a wide range and the most complex customer orders and ensure quality.

The company operates in line with the quality and environmental protection policy. Following current fashion trends, heavily involved in communication and cooperation with manufacturers of acetate yarn and professionals worldwide, we improve our product on an on-going basis. The variety of acetate yarn that we produce and its technical characteristics offer a multitude of options in terms of application and appeal of use. The capacities of UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” make up 8,000 tonnes of acetate yarn a year. Most of the company’s products are exported to European markets: Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Key markets for acetate yarn sales also include Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and others. Italian company ILCAT SpA is the distributor of dyed acetate yarn made by UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” for European sales. UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” is a full member of the European Man-Made Fibres Association (CIRFS), long-standing member of the Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA) and a member of other Lithuanian business associations.

Search for business partners of UAB “Korelita” (current company name “Dirbtinis pluoštas“) and exports development

On 29 May 2015, UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” completed a project called “Search for business partners of UAB “Korelita” and exports development” co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the “New Opportunities” measure. Under the funding agreement, the company should have invested up to EUR 16,381.60 of own funds (exclusive of VAT) into the project to be implemented, whereas the value of funding should have accounted for EUR 24,572.40. The total value of the project spanning over 14 months was EUR 40,954 following the agreement with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency.

As part of the project, the company took part in international exhibitions in Latvia, USA, South Korea and Uzbekistan. At the exhibitions, UAB “Dirbtinis pluoštas” presented its services, distributed a set of marketing materials prepared in the course of the project which helped spread the information on the company’s business more widely and search for potential customers as well as increased awareness of the company in international markets.

It is expected that active involvement in international exhibitions will reinforce the company’s market position, increase the number of existing orders and broaden business partnership opportunities in target markets abroad.